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Below is a list of books that I have either read myself, or had recommended to my audience by guests on my podcast, or in the Football Index twitter community. They include books which focus on behavioural psychology, football, tactics, the economics of sports, trading and much more. Every book will have aspects in it that will help traders on Football Index, and help them gamble in a more efficient, more calculated way! Whilst some of these books are more concentrated on real world markets and not alternative ones like Football Index, it’s important to remember Football Index is a gambling platform – and that although some of the below books will teach direct lessons to traders regarding Football Index, they are often tangential. If you do fancy getting one of them, please do click on the books below and it’ll take you to amazon. I’ll receive a small commission, and the price of the book is no more expensive! This will help me out massively, so if you do choose to get your hands on one of these, thanks so much for your support!

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