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What is Football Index?
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Football Index is a stockmarket where you can buy and sell shares in footballers. It combines elements of traditional betting, exchanges and fantasy football creating the most innovative gambling platform since Betfair Exchange.

In this video I talk about what FI (Football Index) is and how it works. Prefer videos than reading it all one by one? Here you go!

What drives prices?

Fundamentally, the thing that gives players on Football Index value are the payouts, these are called ‘Dividends’. These are split into 3 categories

  • Match day dividends
  • Media buzz
  • In play dividends

1. Match Day dividends

Match day dividends are paid out whenever a game is played in Europe’s top 5 leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1), The Champions League, Europa League, The World Cup, The Euro Championships, and the Euro Championship qualifiers. To be eligible for this payout, you have to buy a player prior to 3pm GMT – which is the dividend cutoff, and your player is then eligible for Match Day Dividends (sometimes known as Performance buzz) for the next 3 years from purchase.

Match Day Dividends are paid out between midnight and 03:00 GMT.

The amount of Match Day Dividends paid out depends on the number of, and the prestige level of, the football matches taking place on that day see Dividend Table below:

  • Bronze Match Day = 1 – 4 matches
  • Silver Match Day = 5 – 14 matches
  • Gold Match Day = 15+ matches
How are players ranked?

Football Index pay out for 4 different categories:

  • Defender/Goalkeeper
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
  • Star Player

Each category is won by the top scoring footballer in their respective position and Star Player is awarded to the top overall scorer on any day whereby there are eligible games.

2. Media Dividends

Media dividends, similarly to Match Day Dividends – are paid out to players you own prior to 15:00 pm GMT on any day, and for the next 3 years from your purchase.

These dividends are paid out between midnight and 03:00 GMT every day.

On days where there are no eligible football games, Football Index pay out the top 3 players in the media rankings:

  • 1st Media Ranking: £0.05
  • 2nd Media Ranking: £0.03
  • 3rd Media Ranking: £0.01


When there are games on, whoever is top of the media rankings is paid out £0.03.

How are players ranked?

Football Index monitor 10+ news outlets, and attribute points per articles to each player. The following are tracked by Football Index: Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports. There are a few caveats:

  • A players full name must be used in the article headline
  • The article has to be uploaded to their respective outlet’s RSS Feed to be attributed points
  • One article can be attributed a different number of points to another, based on the sentiment scoring matrix that Football Index use – which you can find here.

At a very high level, words like ‘champion’, ‘win’ or ‘winner’ will usually score higher than ‘lose’ or ‘loss’. This makes it unlikely that a player playing on a losing side in a game, wins Media Dividends (unless there’s a red card, a horror tackle, or something really controversial or even a terrible goalkeeping blunder).

More specifically, the sentiment scoring matrix uses the forumla: (sentiment score +1) * 20 For example, the headline “Paul Pogba is a Superstar”, due to the word super being a +3 sentiment score, you’d add 3 to 1 (3+1) and multiply by 20! He’d therefore be attriubted 80 points for that article.

3. In Play Dividends

For the first 30 days that you own a share in any footballer, you can win In-Play Dividends:

Your 30 days start on the day you buy your Shares.

The deadline to be eligible for In-Play Dividends is 23:59:59. This means you can buy Shares in footballers who’ve already won In-Play Dividends on that day for an instant win.

In-Play Dividends are paid out between 00:00 (London time) and 03:00 (London time) the next day.

You can win In-Play Dividends on the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, UEFA European Championship, UEFA European Championship Qualifiers and Nations League.

For clarity as this is often confusing, if you buy a player, they are then eligible for In Play Dividends for that day – and the proceeding 29 days. Not the next 30 days.

Why else would a player rise?

Dividends are the underlying reason that players have any value, but above all players will move simply due to supply and demand.

The supply is moderated by Football Index, so when there is no players in a sell queue (no user is selling that player), then Football Index will issue new shares (or new bets!) in the player. It takes between 600-900 shares bought to increase a player’s price by £0.01. Football Index say there is an alogrithm that depends on supply and demand of shares, and the volume at which those shares are bought can have an impact on the price. In their words

“The relationship of price to volume of Futures/Shares is derived from our proprietary pricing algorithm, which states that if we issue another ‘X’ shares the price will go up to ‘Y’.”

As a rule of thumb though, 600-900 shares bought seems to move a player up by a penny.

Player prices can move upward or downward for a variety of reasons:

  • Speculative: Traders may buy players with the hope that they may one day become the next big thing, or the next big dividend earner. Who will the next Neymar be?
  • General Hype: Whether it’s a a great perfomance, a couple goals on the trot or an England call up – players will move due to hype.
  • Transfer Rumors or Move: A player moving from one club to another, can drastically impact their price one way or another. A player moving from a league eligble for Match Day Dividends, to a league in China would decrease in value. Similarly if the opposite happened, a player is likely to rise.
  • A Change in Position: Players can change positions (see more in FAQs), and therefore who they’re competing with can change! If a player’s position changes, it could impact their price positively or negatively.

Don't have a Football Index account yet?

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Buying Players

Buys players from the market, or bid to try and get a discount!

1. Simply click the buy button and choose how many shares you wish to purchase (maximum 300 per transaction!). You can buy as many shares as you like, there is no limit.

2. When you buy players, they are then found under your portfolio tab:






3. There is another way to buy players, and this is via bidding! When you click the buy button on a player, click ‘place bid’ 

4. The highlighted price bracket is known as the ‘bid zone’. This is the lowest price you can bid on a player, and the maximum price you can bid on a player. 

5. Choose how many shares you’d like to buy, and execute your bid! You can have up to 10 bids on a player at a time. 

You can view all your open bids, on the right hand side of your portfolio. You can also see your bid history there!

From August 2020, there will be a 2% commission on all matched bids.

Selling Players

Sell to the highest bidder, or at market value!

1. Click the sell button

2. You can then select how many shares you’d like to sell

3. Choose whether you want to market sell your players, at the ‘buy price’ or instant sell them, at the ‘cash out’ price offered. If you instant sell, you would receive the money straight away – whereas with the market sell, you will have to wait until another trader buys those shares off you. The queue is literal, your shares will be put into a sale queue until you are at the front, where your shares will then be next up for sale! The instant sell is the priced based on the bids for that player by other traders. Essentially, when Instant selling – you are selling to someone else on the market, fulfilling their bid order. 

If you change your mind about a player and decide you no longer want to have him up for sale, you can cancel your sell order as below:

All sales incur a 2% commission that Football Index take. Therefore, multiplying your sold price by 0.98, is a nice and quick way to know what your overall sale is worth.


Football Index is currently licensed in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand!

No, if you’re abroad and not in one of the licensed companies that Football Index operates in (UK, Ireland and New Zealand) – you cannot access Football Index.

No, you cannot lose more than you deposit. Unlike spread betting, you can only lose what you deposit.

This is in Football Index’s words “A daily measurement of the performance of the whole Football Index market”.

New players are added sporadically by Football Index. They are called IPOs (Initial Player Offering) and Football Index will announce the day prior to when they are added on their news website and on twitter. Check out this video I made for more info!

Trackers give the ability for traders to buy a ‘basket’ of players at once.

For example, purchasing the tracker 10 will mean you now have 1 share in each of the top 10 players on Football Index. These will be individually held in your portfolio, you cannot sell a tracker all at once.

There is also a tracker 25, 50 and 100 available to purchase

Yes, Football Index is a gambling platform and therefore winnings are not taxed.

Just like any gambling platform, you can make money on Football Index. The unique nature of Football Index lies with the fact that it’s very difficult to lose your whole stake. Traders have made amazing returns since its inception!

Just like any other gambling platform – Yes, you can. That being said, the unique nature of Football Index lies with the fact that it’s very difficult to lose your whole stake.

Simply go to ‘your account’ and click ‘withdraw’. The funds will usually take 2-5 days to appear in your account

That’s a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question! You should judge your returns on % returns on your profits and set goals and expectations. For example, if you deposit £10, and expect to have turned it into £10,000 in a year, that’s unrealistic. It’s not unrealistic however, to turn £100 into £1000 over a season if you’re a good trader! As always, only deposit and gamble what you can afford to lose.

Football Index is still growing, and users are making as much money as they ever have done!

Yes, players you buy via the bidding system are eligible for dividends. 

Football Index make money through a variety of ways. Commissions from every sale are 2%, and there is also a 2% commission on all matched buy bids, from August 2020 onwards. 

In addition to this, bets staked (shares bought) are part of Football Index’s cash inflow. 

For more information on this, watch my video here.

Football Index is not a ponzi scheme, and is licensed by the gambing commission in the UK. The intrinsic value of bets is created by the dividend payouts Football Index provide. 

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